Spearfishing Spearfishing is one of the most ancient traditional forms of fishing known to man. It has been found to be the MOST environmentally friendly form of sustainable fishing amongst top nature conservative organizations including the National Geographic Society. It produces absolutely no by-catch, causes no damage to the natural habitat of our Oceans, it is a highly selective form of harvest, and besides numerous other facts, it creates no pollution.

Therefore, through education, spearfishing can be an ecologically sustainable form of fishing. Spearfishing has been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world with techniques as simple as sharpened sticks thrown from the sides of riverbanks.

Today, sophisticated “elastic band” spearguns and speciality diving equipment has been developed to provide safer and more accurate options for different fishing conditions. As a matter of fact, the modern diving mask, snorkel, and swim fin was developed back in the early 20’s off the coast of Italy and France specifically for the improvement of efficiency and safety while Spearfishing.

Today, divers are able to hold their breath for up to four minutes during a dive, and sometimes longer. Divers with underwater breathing equipment (SCUBA) can dive much deeper, and for much longer times under water. Spearfishing with the aid of SCUBA is frowned upon today, and is actually considered an illegal practice in many countries.

Sustainable management of Spearfishing is a big topic amongst the sport fishing industry around the world. Although it is evident that commercial fishing is the primary reason for the demise in fish populations, individual sport fishermen such as spearfishermen and rod and reel fishermen, are also being restricted in a global manner. We must not allow fishery management to impose the same restrictions to individual sustainable fishing techniques, as they would to commercial outfits which we know are stealing from our Oceans.

Capt. Carlos Henriquez provides a Professional Ocean Guide Service within the Pacific Ocean of Panama.

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